Bytemarks CafeOur CEO Kevin Montgomery was recently interviewed by Hawaii Public Radio, together with Major General Darryll Wong, the Adjutant General for the State of Hawaii, and Ken Kaneshiro from the University of Hawaii, Center for Conservation and Research and Training.

Tropical Depression Flossie 2013 tracked by the Hawaii Disaster Monitoring Network

Flossie was a tropical depression that moved across the Hawaiian Islands on Monday 7/29/13 and Tuesday 7/30/13. With maximum sustained winds measured at 35mph, Flossie was just 5mph shy of being classified as a Tropical Storm. It downed trees, knocked out power, dumped 2 to 4 inches of rain, and brought flooding and high surf as it tracked across the islands. Flossie passed just north of Maui on Monday, was north of Oahu on Tuesday morning, and continued westward past Kauai after that.