Our Customers - Case Studies

The wireless sensor devices developed by Intelesense are currently deployed on three continents including multiple sites in North America, Asia and Africa. Our customers include universities, local and state governments, Fortune 100 corporations, as well as the media.

Watershed Research - The Waipa Foundation and Univ. of Hawaii

waipa valley

To better assess water usage and water quality and to predict how planned changes to the Waipa watershed landscape will affect it, The Waipa Foundation in collaboration with Intelesense and the Center for Conservation Research and Training at UH Manoa installed a network of water sensors and weather stations in Waipa valley on the northern shore of Kauai, Hawaii.... Learn More.

Protecting Endangered Snails - Oahu Army Natural Resources Program

kahuli snail exclosure - oahu army

The team at the Oahu Army Natural Resources Program has set up predator-proof exclosures for the endangered kahuli tree snails. These exclosures are located high up in the mountain ranges of Oahu and difficult to access. The exclosure fence and weather conditions at each site are monitored by InteleCells, and alerts are sent to the team if the integrity of the fence is compromised.... Learn more.

Feral Pig Trapping - Oahu Army Natural Resources Program

intelemote-equipped pig trap

Oahu Army Natural Resources Program’s mission to manage and protect over 100 endangered plant and animal species on Oahu includes the removal of feral pigs because of their negative ecological impact. OANRP collaborated with Intelesense to set up remote monitoring of their pig traps to reduce the time spent on checking them.... Learn more.

Real-Time Monitoring of Ocean Acidification in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii


Ocean acidification due to high CO2 emissions has serious impacts on marine life in general, and the fragile coral reef ecosystems in particular. Intelesense worked together with SOEST researchers at the University of Hawaii to monitor ocean acidification and water quality in real-time at Kane'ohe bay, Oahu, Hawaii..... Learn more.

3D Sensor Network in Mountainous Environment - University of Idaho


Katy Kavanagh and her research team at the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho deployed a network of environmental sensors in a remote mountainous area of Idaho to study the biophysical processes in these ecosystems and the effects of climate change. They used InteleCells and InteleMotes to create a 3-dimensional wireless mesh network.... Learn more.

Remote Wireless Weather Station Supports Conservation on Lehua Island

lehua weather station

Conservation researchers David and Lida Burney together with Intelesense engineers installed a wireless weather station on Lehua Island to better determine irrigation schedules for out-planting sites of native species, and to study the weather patterns on this small remote island of Hawaii.... Learn More.

Farrington High School Kalihi Valley Restoration Project

Farrington High School Kalihi Valley Restoration Project

Farrington High school students took water quality measurements in various sections of Oahu's Kalihi stream to measure the effects of restoration efforts. The students were using a YSI Sonde connected to an Intelecell to record water temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, turbidity, and salinity along with GPS... Learn More.

California Agriculture Irrigation Management Project - Tanimura & Antle

California Agriculture Irrigation Management Project - Tanimura & Antle

Research scientists at CSU Monterey Bay teamed with engineers and scientists from NASA, California Department of Water Resources growers and other partners to develop a system for mapping daily irrigation demand. The system was installed at a Tanimura & Antle lettuce field in Salinas, CA.... Learn More.

Geospatial Data Sharing - City of Springfield, OR

springfield oregon

Intelesense is collaborating with the City of Springfield, Oregon to find new ways of meeting the evolving data collection, information visualization, sharing, and analysis needs of the City and its related partners.... Learn More.

Garcia River Forest Sensor Lab

garcia river forest

The sensor network deployed at Garcia by Intelesense represents a living laboratory and has provided researchers with valuable data to increase their understanding of carbon sequestration and climate change... Learn More.

Fairbanks Alaska Mushing Trail Weather Station - University of Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska Weather Station

An InteleSense weather station was set up by Jessie Cherry and Bob Busey at a mushing trail near Fairbanks Alaska. The data is used by dog mushing teams to predict weather conditions at the trail... Learn More.


customer picture 1

Intelesense, in conjunction with various US governmental agencies and educational institutions such as the University of Hawaii, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Hanoi School of Public Health, has deployed a number of sensors and developed reporting tools to help provide local municipalities with the information to manage public health resources such as clean water.


Intelesense Technologies, along with the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the US Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations under the President's Emergency Program for AIDS relief (PEPFAR) is working to support public monitoring for this Eastern African nation.