Intelesense Products

Intelesense provides high quality globally integrated monitoring products and services that are used for data collection, display and visualization. Our products can help you easily gather data, transmit it from the field, integrate it with data from other sources, and perform advanced visualization or quantitative analyses. Select one of the links below to learn more about the respective products.

InteleCell: The InteleCell is a wireless TCP/IP enabled programmable, data acquisition device with built-in GPS module, sensor power management and a number of wireless and wired interfaces.

InteleMote: The InteleMote is a TCIP/IP enabled, programmable, rugged data acquisition device with a built-in GPS module, sensor power management and a wireless mesh network transceiver, providing communications of up to six miles.

InteleSense Data Exchange: The Intelesense Data Exchange is a comprehensive data network that gathers data from various sources including InteleCells, InteleMotes, web sites, databases, social networks as well as public and private data feeds.

Portals: Portals are interactive analytical tools. Intelesense Portals combine advanced GIS capabilities and access to real-time live data from around the world. It has an intuitive interface that allows the user to easily navigate divers data sets simultaneously and display the results in meaningful ways.

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