InteleMote Overview

The InteleMote™ is a TCP/IP enabled, programmable rugged outdoor data acquisition device with a built in GPS module, sensor power management and a wireless mesh network transceiver providing communication links of up to 6 miles (line of sight) between stations. It was mainly designed for applications where there are multiple locations within a relatively small area that require a few sensors at each node or measurement location.

Like the InteleCell™, InteleMotes can be used for acquiring data from a number of sensors with different hardware interfaces and software protocols. The InteleMote acquires sensor data and logs it in its internal flash memory and wakes up periodically to form a wireless mesh network with other InteleMotes to route its data to a point of Internet access.

Applications for the InteleMote include environmental monitoring, medical monitoring, emergency telemedicine and disaster response.

InteleMote Highlights:

  • InteleMotes support many sensors and sensor brands out of the box with a simple web-based configuration menu – no programming is required.
  • InteleMotes come with a large number of pre-installed sensor drivers including environmental sensors, medical devices even cameras. If desired, users may develop their own sensor driver or work with Intelesense to develop one for them.
  • InteleMotes form a self-organizing mesh network with other InteleMotes or InteleCells.
  • InteleMotes are able to communicate up to 4 miles (6.5km) with 2.1 dB dipole antennas and up to 6 miles (9.6km) with high gain antennas between stations.
  • InteleMotes have two sensor ports - one serial (RS-232) port and one analog port. Each port can provide continuous and switched power to attached devices.
  • InteleMotes have a built in GPS module that is used to automatically locate itself in the world and acts as a time keeper for recording sensor data.